Children under 16yrs of age must always be actively supervised by an adult. While our staff will be patrolling to ensure your safety, your supervisors will be expected to actively assist the participants. All supervisors will be required to take a quick safety lesson each time they visit. Your group must supply at least the following supervision ratios:

1 Adult to every 2 Children aged < 5yrs
Parent/Guardian within arm’s reach at all times  


1 Adult to every 4 Children aged 6-9yrs

Parent/Guardian within arm’s reach at all times

1 Adult to every 6 Children aged 10-15yrs
Parent/Guardian within eyesight at all times




Extreme Edge Panmure Prices

We offer a range of entry options from casual climbing, 10-session passes, and full membership options. Climbers using our sports climbing facilities can also hire quality climbing gear from Extreme Edge Panmure. Prices cover full day entry to Extreme Edge Panmure with unlimited access during the course of the day.

If you are climbing on our top-rope walls you will also need a belay lesson. These are free and run every hour on the hour (e.g. 11:00am, 12:00pm).

Casual Entry

Adult* (16 yrs or over) + harness$30
Child* (15 yrs or under) + harness$25
Pre-schooler (0 – 5 yrs) + harness$18
Family Pass (2 kids + 2 adults or 3 kids + 1 adult) + harness$86
Spectators & SupervisorsFREE
*Adults and children with their own harness receive a $5 discount
*Adults with valid students ID’s, AURAC club members, Alpine club members and people from NZ Defense Force receive a 10% discount

10 Session Pass

Adult + harness$260
Adult with own gear$220
Child + harness$205
Child with own gear$170
Preschooler + harness$160
Punch cards expire 36 Months after purchase, Replacement cards are $5 or you can download the RGPro Connect app

Membership Options

We have a range of membership options to suit your needs. Both our pre-paid and autopay memberships give you access to:

  • Discounts on Pro Shop gear
  • Discounted adult coaching classes
  • Discounted technical clinics
  • 12 Month & Eft Members get one free guest pass each month for First Time Visitors
  • When you Buy a 12 Month Pre Paid Membership you receive an Extreme Edge Nalgene Drink Bottle
1 Month$116$164
3 Months$295$366
6 Months$489$605
12 Months$855$1,100
Autopay makes it simple! No need to decide how many months you want to sign up for… never again get stopped at the front counter because your membership has expired. Being extreme has never been so easy…  


Our monthly EFT payment gives you unlimited access to all our member benefits. No sign-up fees and a simple 30-day notice for termination. The minimum time before giving notice of termination is two months.

Please note if freezing an EFT membership, It will start from the next month’s Dues date, due to paying for each month at the start of the month.



Click here to head to our secure EFT payment page

*All monthly memberships can be put on hold by ‘freezing’ your membership. There is a minimum freeze period of 1 month. There is also a minimum of 1 month between ‘freezing’ Please note there is a $5 a week Freezing fee (from the 1st Dec). All Freezes need to be confirmed by emailing

Membership freezes cannot be backdated.

Indoor Gear Hire

Chalk Bag$5
Rock Climbing Shoes$5
Belay Belt$3
Lead Rope Hire$6
Lead Harness$10
Lead Belay Device$5
*Please note that all climbers must hire or have a safety-approved harness.

Open Hours

  • Monday:10am – 10pm
  • Tuesday:10am – 10pm
  • Wednesday:10am – 10pm
  • Thursday:10am – 10pm
  • Friday:10am – 10pm
  • Saturday:9am – 9pm
  • Sunday:9am – 9pm
  • Public Holidays:9am – 9pm
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