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At Extreme Edge, we offer a variety of classes and coaching options to suit everyone – from our ROCK HOPPERS youth programmes to private lessons for adults. Each option provides a structured development pathway for ongoing tuition.

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Our programmes run alongside the school terms and teach children climbing techniques mixed with fun challenges and games. Each class improves individual climbing ability and knowledge while promoting physical literacy, health and confidence.

We’re very excited to launch an entirely new youth programme structure in 2020. This is something that has long been in the works, and we are proud of the pathway we’re now able to deliver. This is a set progression system for our students, ready to support their goals.

We have a dedicated set of Head Coaches and a Youth Classes Coordinator to answer all your questions. Simply get in touch at coaches@extremeedge.co.nz

2020 Programme Structure

AGES 6-16yrs
TIME MON 4.30-6.00pm (1.5hrs)
COST $115 + entry
Our RECREATION TEAM has been built from the ground up to appeal to a range of different needs. It focuses on fostering your interest in climbing, while serving as a recruiting ground for our advanced teams. A team designed with fun in mind, without neglecting the basics.

In our BEGINNER TEAMS we will begin to delve into our Fitness, Mindset, Technique. Strength (FTMS) system. Operating on a three weekly rotation, students will be challenged in all areas of climbing and introduced to the breadth of knowledge required to progress. All while having fun along the way!BEG TEAM
AGES 6-12yrs
TIME TUE 4.30-6.00pm (1.5hrs)
COST $125 + entry

AGES 12-16yrs
TIME THU 4.30-6.00pm (1.5hrs
COST $125 + entry

If you are getting serious then so are we! Our INTERMEDIATE TEAMS are for climbers who want to crush and go far in the sport. Here we introduce our Endurance, Strength, Power rotation and start to push our limits. Our overarching goal is to introduce fundemental training strategies in a safe and controlled manner.INT TEAM
AGES 6-12yrs
TIME WED 4.30-6.30pm (2hrs)
MON 6.00-8.00pm (2hrs)
COST $170 + entry

AGES 12-16yrs
TIME WED 6.30-8.30pm (2hrs)
TUE 6.00-8.00pm (2hrs)
COST $170 + entry

For the experienced climber, our PROJECT TEAMS have a strong focus on developing athlete mindsets, both for competition and projecting. If you have a clear goal in mind and the dedication to work for it, this is the team to help you get there.PRO TEAM
AGES 6-12yrs
TIME THU 5.30-8.30pm
COST $250 + entry

AGES 12-16yrs
TIME THU 5.30-8.30pm
COST $250 + entry

* Take any two classes and receive -25% off the second class

Lead Clinics

Lead climbing is a difficult skill that demands a lot of learning and practice, including a full understanding of both climbing and belaying. This is a serious skill for which we are proud to offer the best, safest, learning programme taught by experienced and highly trained instructors.

The Lead Clinic at Extreme Edge Panmure is designed to provide participants with a safe and effective foundation for lead climbing indoors. In our courses, we teach lead climbing and lead belaying with an ATC belay device. The course will teach all safety procedures, equipment use and care. We do not teach abseiling and route cleaning in this class, but these skills can be taught in a custom lesson.

The clinic is generally held over two classes on two different days, 3 hours per day. You may choose between a public or private clinic:

Public Lead Clinic $120pp for members, $150pp for non-members.
We typically run this clinic over Monday and Wednesday from 6pm to 9pm (6hrs total).

Private Lead Clinic $180pp.
You can coordinate times and days with an instructor to suit you (minimum of 2 participants).

09 574 5677

Private Lessons

Want to work closely with a coach, or need to learn something special? We offer private custom tuition options for both climbing movement and skills, fear management, and technical rope work.

Private Coaching
We offer private coaching for those who want to properly assess their ability and develop technique in an individualised lesson. These sessions begin with a structured assessment to identify strength and weaknesses from which our coaches outline key training goals. The lesson will help to develop essential skills within a focused training space and is suitable for anyone climbing up to grade 24. Participants will be provided with takeaway notes and activities for future skill development.

$60p/h (maximum of two participants per instructor)

Technical Lessons
For those looking to learn rope skills and climbing systems not covered by our standard courses, we offer technical lessons able to cover all manner of rope based skills. These classes are tailored to the individual, to teach both theory and practical application. Our facility provides unparalleled training opportunities to simulate end use. While the course is made to order, regular lesson topics include:

• Advanced Abseiling/Rappelling Techniques
• Rope Ascending
• Advanced Anchor Building
• Self-rescue Techniques

$80p/h (per instructor)

09 574 5677

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