Kids Climbing at Extreme Edge, Glen Eden

Extreme Edge Glen Eden is the perfect indoor 'playground' for kids of all ages.

With over 30 different creatively themed ClimbZone walls, you can climb anything from an enormous dinosaur skeleton, to a giant beanstalk or even clamber up the sails of a pirate ship!

There's no shortage of fun for kids and adults alike - entertainment for the whole family is what we're about!

We require shoes to be worn when climbing the walls (standard trainers are best) and for your safety, no jewellery such as necklaces or rings is permitted on children under 16years, plus no jerseys with hoodies. Children under 16 years must be actively supervised by an adult. The minimum age for belaying on our Extreme Edge sports climbing walls is 14 years.

Our friendly climbing instructors are always on-hand to assist.

Rock Hoppers Club - Glen Eden

For kids who are bitten by the climbing bug we offer our Rock Hoppers Club. These are scheduled classes teaching a variety of skills and technique required to climb routes of increasing difficulty level. The emphasis is still on fun but it gets more challenging as the kids get better. Our Rock Hoppers sessions are suitable for ages 8 to 16.

Through age-appropriate games, activities and lessons, we teach a range of concepts and techniques including:

  • Safety knowledge
  • Knot tying
  • Communication
  • Belaying
  • Slack lining
  • The 'Big Swing'
  • Equipment knowledge
  • Lead Climbing
  • Route reading
  • Hold identification
  • Footwork
  • Competitions

Places fill up fast, so call us to reserve your space on Phone (09) 818 3038.


Rock Hoppers: (8-16 years old) classes start Feburary 1st (Mon) and Feburary7th (Sat).
When: Monday 4:30-6pm or Saturday 9:00-10:30am: Total cost $236 includes all gear, instructor fee and entrance to the gym for the entire term.

This Class is tailored for beginner to intermediate climbers looking to improve/gain basic climbing skills and technique. Throughout this course we focus on belay safety skills, climbing proficiency, gear, rope knowledge and training drills all taught in a fun-focused and safe environment. Towards the end of the course students are introduced and encouraged to start lead climbing. 

Super Hoppers: (10-17 years old) Classes start Monday Feb 1st
When: 6:30-8pm: Total cost: $241 includes all gear

This class builds further on the Rock Hopper class. In this class we focus on more advanced techniques, have a strong focus on personal safety, and rope management skills. In this class we focus on lead climbing/belaying, abseiling and bouldering.  This is a fast-paced and challenging course, so we recommend at least one term completed in Rock Hoppers before graduating to Super Hoppers.

For more info please ask one of our managers. Phone (09) 818-3038 or email us at 

Classes are run in parallel with school terms.

2015 School Terms Hoppers Classes run between
Term 1:  5th February - 2nd April
Term 2:  20th April - 3rd July
Term 3:  20th July - 25th September
Term 4:  12th October – 18th December
*Class start/finish times are subject to change.

Payment options are available for the fees, which are $236 for Regular Hoppers or $241 for the Super Hoppers.  This cost will cover you for the entire term. The price includes all instructor fees, gear lease and entrance costs to the centre each week.

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